Bar and Restaurant software that saves you money, product & time.

Bar In Control  has developed a unique, computerized process that compares the exact (by the drink) amount of product actually dispensed during the reporting period against the amount of product recorded as sold through the point of sale (POS) and then displays those variances within an easy to read interactive dashboard report.

With Bar In Control  software, bar operators can discover real, fact-based opportunities to improve their profitability and revenue streams.

Bar In Control is dedicated to Nightclub, Bar & Restaurant owners to help them save money and grow their businesses.


A simple intuitive Inventory Control App made for bar and restaurant operations by bar, restaurant and software developer professionals

Product Scanning

Quickly identify products using barcode scanning through a built-in barcode reader or with product name dynamic search.


Speed up the inventory proccess with barcode reader using your camera device


Search product name dynamically through your local or our global database

Weigh Open & Count Full Inventory

Bar In Control uses the latest technology to accurately count full inventory. Scan and weight open products using our proprietary Bar In Control smart scales connected to the mobile application installed on a smartphone. Collected data is stored in the cloud – instantly available online. Assign employees to storage inventory control and a supply order verification.

Fast & Easy Work

We provide you with our hardware Bluetooth scale free of charge! It will automatically connect to our Bar In Control app and make gathering data even faster! Just scan & place product on smart scale submit and Listo! 

Data Result is safetly storage in our cloud 

Data is safely stored in our cloud. You can access it anywhere from any device.

Account Management 

Add your employees to Bar In Control Intelligence platform. Employees using Bar In Control mobile application will collect inventory data for you. Assign tasks and control inventory progress.

Storage Location

Organize your venue with multi-level storage structure. Divide Main storage (like main bar, liquor room, back up storage, wine cooler, beer cooler, beverage fridge, etc…) with separate storage units (like shelve top, shelve bottom, shelve 1, shelve 2, shelve 3, walk in kegs, walk in beer, etc…) to make inventory an easily controlled process.

Loss Reporting

Be up to date with every wasted product. Bar In Control losses module allows employees to register wasted products with defined waste reason. No more ‘unknown’ losses.


Log in any spill or waste product on the fly whenever happened 


Define waste reason, no more unknown losses

Order Generation

Create your storage standards, and Bar In Control will help you auto-generate orders to your suppliers. No need to calculate yourself, we will make sure your inventory is always fully stocked!


Incoming  Purchase Order Control


Employees verify incoming supply orders by comparing order list in the mobile application with delivered products. After employee’s manual confirmation products are added to storage level and their verification status is available in the management web panel.




Create a supplier list and link them to products sold in your venues.


Inventory Control Reports 

Generate final inventory control reports whenever you need. With data collected by employees and point-of-sale integration, you have deep business insight at any time. Make an everyday inventory control report your new habit. With frequent reports you will quickly find out why and where waste happen – was it a spillage? Do your bartenders know recipes? Did all sales were registered? Do bartenders overpour beverage portions? The answer to these question is found in inventory control reports. Reports are the best tool to identify losses and keep them low.


Data Export

All data collected with Bar In Control can be easily exported as .xlsx, .csv or .txt file.


SKU Management 

Whenever you need to inventory control crafted products or products unavailable in Bar In Control database you can add your own SKU.


Walkthrough & Support


Getting familiar with Bar In Control platform is really easy. Take a quick tour of Bar In Control App by finishing the walkthrough. If some things are not clear enough you should contact us straight away! We are always eager to give you a hand. Bar In Control team is available on the in-app communicator.






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When you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. 
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